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Inner Pixels' Third DVD Creation for Cuneiform Records


Richard Pinhas & Merzbow
Rhizome CD + DVD
Live at the Sonic Circuits Festival
Washington, DC - September 2010
Cuneiform Records - Rune 328
Released May 31, 2011

"In 1973, a rock guitarist and an electronic knob-twiddler released a
revered and trail-blazing document in contemporary ambient music:
Robert Fripp and Brian Eno's No Pussyfooting. Thirty-five years later,
guitarist Richard Pinhas and noise artist Masami Akita (aka Merzbow)
have formed the 21st century version of the concept." – Brandon Wu/
Washington City Paper

"A surprising meeting of minds and one of the strongest CDs I've
heard in a while." – Musicworks

"This is the sound of rebellion, of chaos, and trashed beauty all
rolled into one as a new genesis, forming a new aesthetic from the
ruins. Keio Line is one of the most engaging electronic records
issued in 2008, and one of the most satisfying albums released by
either man. One can only hope that Pinhas continues his resurgence to
the public scene, and Akita uses collaborations like this...and
musical textures and dynamics more in his own music in the future.
[4.5 stars out of 5]" – Thom Jurek, All Music Guide

It's interesting that Brandon Wu compares the work of Pinhas and
Merzbow to Fripp and Eno. At the time it was recorded, No
Pussyfooting was considered to be practically 'noise' (sound
familiar?) and Robert Fripp has gone on record about how the record
label didn't want to release the album because it would affect the
commmercial impact of these artsts. Yet, with time, the work the duo
did was absorbed into the greater musical universe - if not into the
mainstream - and its influence continues to this day. While it's
never safe to predict the future, perhaps the unlikely but also quite
logical meeting of Richard's billowing clouds of guitarwork with
Masami's well considered sonic assault will also prove to be
influencial upon the larger musical universe. In any event, this
recording from September, 2010, expands upon their first studio
meeting, Keio Line, and offers an obvious follow-up, as well as new
twists to the sound.

The first pressing of Rhizome also includes a large number of bonuses
not available after the initial pressing: a bonus DVD of a generous
excerpt of the duo's performance at the Sonic Circuits festival as well as a download coupon for their performance in Paris, November 12, 2008.

Contact: Doug (at) Inner-Pixels (dot) com.

Order directly from Cuneiform Records/Wayside Music